Muscle Building – A Discussion

iStock_000010416828XSmall (588x400)Muscle growth or in simpler terms muscle building is more of a process than anything else. Gaining muscle is as simple as it is difficult. Most men have had at least once thought of muscle growth. Most psychologists are of an opinion that gaining muscle is a natural instinct of every individual men at least.

Talking about people who argue that they have never felt the need of muscle growth are also correct as there are 2 kinds of people when we are considering muscle gaining facts and figures one who want to gain muscle and know it and the other group who wants to gain muscle but is not necessarily aware that they want this. Every individual who is interested in muscle growth has to make the decision as the process of muscle building does not come naturally to us, considering the lifestyle and the type of diet which we consume or are accustomed to.

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Muscle gain depends on various factors which are directly or indirectly connected to the process of loosing fat. If our very own gym is considered a temple, then building muscle is a situation of nirvana’ while muscle growth products actually form the basic connection between all these things and the body building enthusiast in question.

Any discussion about muscle gain cannot be completed without mentioning human growth hormone (Hgh). Hgh is a hormone which increases muscle mass, protein synthesis and plays a role in fuel homeostasis. Even considering the ever increasing research and development going into body building techniques and muscle gaining supplements, still the process of gaining muscle requires a lot of discipline and patience.

These 2 qualities discipline and patience are the traits which differentiate between an amateur body builder and a professional body builder. Visible muscle growth is like an icing on the cake of a well-groomed body. It is often said that our physique is what makes the first impression on others and that may be the reason why so many of us dream of that heavy, muscular physique of many sportsmen, especially boxers.

It can be concluded that body building is not about the feeling of outshining our competitors, but it is more of a state of mind, and it is an instinct, a feeling basically to feel good about our body.

The theory of muscle building and its practical approach is to some extent different but it can be stated that muscle growth is an extension of the thought that we all want to look and feel good.

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